2006_11_arts_fashionrock.jpgBack in the day, music was taking some new turns, and with their sound - musicians were also taking risks with their wardrobe. The Times has an article on Mick Jagger's look throughout the ages and compares it to current day rockers.

They talk to current bands on the rise, Born Ruffians and Akron/Family, both of whom say they don't exactly pay attention to what they wear. We bet they sort of do, because that is the look, right? That is why stores like Beacon's Closet exist, to dress the Brooklyn band in clothes that make them seem disaffected to the whole "fashion thing".

We remember, a few years ago a statement was made by blogger Karen Plus One that fashion does matter in rock. You can read the post here. She made a good point, but we still like to believe that while fashion can be a part of music, it does not need to be, nor should it make or break a band. The shirt to the left is Jordan of Snowden's, who coincidentally happened to spark Karen's post. We side with the shirt, where do you stand?

And as for Jagger, The Times reports that these days he's sporting a refined look of "skinny jeans and cropped jackets by the Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere; tight glittering T-shirts by the Dior designer Hedi Slimane".