When temperatures rise, skin gets bared—that's just part of the magic of summer in the city. But now a group of Rabbis in Hasidic south Williamsburg are warning ladies to keep it covered, papering the neighborhood with flyers denouncing tank tops and clingy dresses.

The flyers, which are in Hebrew, were issued by the Central Rabbinical Congress, a group of rabbis known for enforcing "strict moral codes" on Hasidic women. The signs are an attempt to dissuade women from shopping for the revealing clothing available at Manhattan department stores. Apparently there's been a handful of "bad apples" more interested in fashion than modesty, and the CRC is on a mission to keep them covered. But Baruch Herzefeld told the Brooklyn Paper that the group is intimidating women in the neighborhood, saying “These men think they are doing God’s work, but they are fanatics — everyone in Williamsburg hates them.

Earlier this year, the Congress posted a similar "modesty edict" in Williamsburg warning women not to talk on cell phones in public and to move across the street when a man approaches, and an ulta-Orthodox Hasidic paper made waves for Photoshopping Hillary Clinton out of a photograph in the Situation Room.