TohosGothamist may be too much of a fashion victim, but we rather be victimized than wear Tohos - the pantyhose that lets you wear thong sandals. Creater Karyn Cortani says, "Old ladies just love them. Apparently, they are great for bunions." Okay, fine, old ladies love them - just don't try to sell these to the 18-34 urban demographic and relating the product to old ladies isn't really going to bring in the hipsters, unless the hipsters are doing some uncool is cool thing but, really, this is beyond uncool, it's disturbing. THIS is more cameltoe than Cameltoe to Gothamist. Another Tohos page says, "Women who favor pumps which show toe cleavage will find TOHOS™ special toe allows for the most elegant toe cleavage ever, without going bare--sweaty--in pumps." Toe cleavage? Elegant? Sigh, Gothamist wonders how much that publicist was paid.

This website says sandals or very open-toed shoes look best without pantyhose.