2003_10_stephmarch.jpgOh, Stephanie March, what a way to leave Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. At first, we didn't know how to feel about you, what with your icy demeanor and blond blond hair. Then you grew on us, when you tried to stand up to your boss, played by Judith Light a.k.a. Angela Bower. Or when you were frustrated at the self-righteous even for Law & Order acts of Detectives Stabler and Benson. Maybe we started to like you when we had a new icy blonde, one who annoys us to no end, ADA Serena Southerlyn. But then you asked the Don...we mean, Dick Wolf to leave the show, maybe to frolic with boyfriend, Bobby Flay. And you got bangs this season, which should have been another sign of your impending departure. But the writers and producers didn't kill you for your bangs and put you into the beyond as they had with Jill Henessy's ADA Claire Kincaid, but into witness protection, ready to appear as a defense attorney in a future sweeps episode. Till we see you again, Alex..tonight, in syndication on USA.