Over the weekend, Pier 94 was the place to be for fans of comic books, science fiction, and other TV shows with the Big Apple Comic Con taking place.

Michelle Alexandria wrote in Eclipse, "It was like taking a trip through memory lane, seeing all my childhood heroes like Lou Ferrigno, Gil Gerard, Taylor Dayne, Julie Newmar, Sean Young, Helen Slater, Edward Furlong, Virgil, Ric Flair, Demolition, and a ton more. The problem was all my childhood heroes are old now, which makes me feel really old and unhip, although, strangely enough Todd Bridges looks almost the same." And one teen visitor said, "Comic Cons seem to attract a more mature geek."

However, there were some complaints about the high price some stars were charging for contact and autographs: Flickr user Randsom noted, "His every move watched by a manager in a business suit, Adam 'Batman' West charged $50 per signature and surrounded himself with security to prevent photos from being taken that weren't paid for in advance. Similarly, William Shatner charged fans $80 for a photo with him. Beam me outta here!"