Fanny packs, one of the most beautiful and functional things to come from the fashion world, have finally earned their spot among other masterpieces in the Museum of Modern Art. The fanny pack included in their new exhibit—Items: Is Fashion Modern?—is not exactly the platonic ideal of the waist-purse, but its placement in the museum is representative of all fanny packs. It's an old school nylon number, emblazoned with the MTV logo (on loan from that rad '90s store that just opened in the East Village).

This is MoMA's first fashion-related exhibition since 1944, and aims to "explore the present, past—and sometimes the future—of 111 items of clothing and accessories that have had a strong impact on the world in the 20th and 21st centuries—and continue to hold currency today." Along with the fanny pack you'll find Levi’s 501s, the Breton shirt, the little black dress, the kippah and the keffiyeh, original 1937 Ray-Ban Aviators, Swatches, Champion hoodies, dastars, a tank top with Bob Dylan's face on it. and more. Click through for a preview of the items, which will be on display through January 28th. For some reason, the fanny pack didn't make it into their press kit (because it's TOO beautiful?) so here it is:

We're in the MoMA!!!! #itemsmoma

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The MoMA store also took seven of these iconic products, collaborating with Armor-Lux, Mary Katrantzou, Marni, Rick Owens, Ray-Ban, Swatch, New Era, Champion, and Issey Miyake, and are offering them up through the duration of the exhibit at In addition, "a special selection of products will be available for purchase in the specially designed Items concept store on the sixth floor of the Museum, outside the exhibition."