Luxury Seats; Photo - NY PostThe Loews 34th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues) is the first theater in the city to offer $15 movie seats. The Post looks at the so-called luxury seats, which have "comfy reclining seat in maroon faux leather that's about three inches wider than other seats in the same auditorium." People who shell for these seats are escorted by ushers to the seats, and ushers will apparently kick out any squatters from them as well. Some of the luxury seats also have high backs and tables for food. A throwback to the days when balcony seats at theaters were for the wealthy and the commoners sat on the ground level. (See Cinema Paradiso.)

One theatregoer grumbled, "There are very few films worth the $10 to begin with." You said it - we're not embarassed to admit we saw Dickie Roberts for $10, but $15? We'd hang our heads in shame. Theater chains are trying to look for ways to increase their revenue so here are Gothamist's suggestions: Don't let Hollywood make you put certain films on 70% of your screens. Ushers should be employed to clean up and turn the theaters over. Offer better loyalty programs. Consider assigned seating.