This is just one trailer from the same production, while it was filming in DUMBO. (Photo by Kevin Conetta/Gothamist)

Russell Crowe in Red Hook with his crazy movie scar (Pacific Coast News)

New Yorkers can be a little complain-y when it comes to Hollywood productions taking over their streets, sidewalks, and parking spots... but what about when a production takes over a neighborhood that's recovering from Hurricane Sandy? Red Hook is still trying to recover from the storm, and now they've got the extra obstacle of Will Smith and his massive trailer in the way.

According to the NY Post, Winter’s Tale (which also stars Jennifer Connelly, Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell) was supposed to be done shooting in the neighborhood around Thanksgiving, but they're still there causing chaos. One resident told the paper, "The crew’s taking up all the parking spaces on the streets that residents and business owners desperately need to help the area dig out and recover." So what's causing the delay? Look no further than Russell Crowe—"the crew says it will be longer because Crowe didn’t show up for filming last week. When I asked when it would be done, the answer was, 'As long as it takes Russell to film.'" The official word, however, is that Sandy screwed up everyone's schedules, forcing them to extend filming in the area.

To add insult to injury, the parking lot at the damaged Fairway (now shuttered until sometime next year) is serving as a craft services area for the film's cast and crew.