Bieber at Barclays (via Instagram)

Hundreds of Beliebers might have made the pilgrimage to see Justin Bieber play Barclays Center last night, but the show was extra special for one Staten Island family who lost their home and possessions to Sandy but still managed to use their tickets.

Lori Gjenashaj, 37, her husband and two children had their Midland Beach house destroyed during the storm, along with many of their belongings in it (the damage was so significant, Gjenashaj's sister even started a GiveForward fund for her). They thought their tickets to the Bieber show—which they'd kept in the kitchen—were gone forever, too. But when Gjenashaj contacted eBay, the site through which she'd purchased the tickets months ago, and told the vendor what happened, she was able to get new copies, giving her family a much-needed night off from their current housing nightmare.

"We are trying to provide as much normalcy as possible for the children," Gjenashaj told the Daily News. Gjenashaj and her family attended the concert with friends who were also displaced by the storm, and they carried signs with Sandy-infused Bieber lyrics like "I don't know if this makes sense. Sandy made us homeless and broke but you're our hallelujah." All hail the healing power of the Biebs.