An Upper East Side mansion, built in 1884 and located on East 71st Street, is on the market for $25,000,000—that's probably not bad for what they're calling "a collector's home?"


According to the listing, the 6-story home originally had a Queen Anne facade, but that was replaced in 1928 "to the current neo-Federal brick at the request of the owners Drs. Harry and Ruth M. Bakwin." The Bakwins were renowned physicians—Ruth was "the first female intern at the Fifth Avenue Hospital in New York (now New York Medical College), and co-authored several textbooks with her husband, Harry Bakwin, director of pediatrics at NYU." The home has been in their family for 90 years.


The 22-foot-wide, 9,000-square-foot townhouse has never been divided into multiple units, and has kept the same layout since it was built 130 years ago. Since it has gone untouched, it still boasts the classic, no-frills features only an old school mansion could: a dumbwaiter, fireplaces, wood paneling, French doors, service stairs, and a solarium. There's also an elevator, which presumably is a bit more modern.

Here's a look at East 71st, from Lexington, in the early 1920s:

via the NYPL

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