To start off the game of Monopoly, each player gets $1,500 in Monopoly money. This is broken down into specific bills: 2 $500s, 4 $100s,1 $50,1 $20,2 $10s,1 $5, and 5 $1s. In addition to those bills, the game also features dice, pieces representing each player, a stack of cards, and those little tiny houses that hurt like a sonnabitch when you step on them with bare feet.


Aside from the money, these items are typically found sitting on top of the board itself when a game is in progress. This board is creased so it can fold easily, and when it is held in the air or when it is not supported by a flat surface, it collapses. For this and a few other reasons, it is a truly terrible idea to play Monopoly, or any board game (especially RISK), while on a moving subway train. And yet we tip our top hat to this family, who did just that with the balance of a Jedi.


The Redditor who uploaded the above photo notes that this was spotted on the Q train, and the family was already playing when he boarded—"I got on at Ave H in Brooklyn and they were already well into the game; I got off at Canal and they were nowhere close to stopping."

Props to this mom for not shoving a gaming device into her kids hands that would have undoubtedly driven fellow straphangers mad.