While skimming the upcoming events for our favorite venue, Town Hall, we came across what could possibly be the most awesome thing since Smurfs on Ice. The price, however, will prevent us from witnessing it.
First, the good news: Family Guy Live! will be a live stage event starring the cast of Family Guy reading a classic episode as well as a new episode, followed by a Q&A with the cast and creators of the series. Taking place on Friday April 29th and Saturday the 30th, each night has a 7pm and 10pm show. This is all, presumably, leading up to the May 1st season premiere as well as the Family Guy Live in Las Vegas comedy cd.
Tickets are $55 to $65 (that's the bad news) and can be bought here, at Ticketmaster, which means the actual ticket price will be about $65 to $75. If the entire Griffin family wanted to go, it would cost around $390. [read more @ ToTC]