One of the best things about the Oscars is Fametracker's coverage. This year's Galaxy of Fame :: Special Speculative Edition: What If They Win Their Academy Awards? seems spot on, as does their Oscar fashion handicapping. But what Gothamist liked best was their imagining of movies-turned-TV shows in 2007, like Lost in Translation, starring Amy Jo Johnson and Jim Belushi:

You won't want to miss the season finale; John becomes suspicious about Charlotte's activities in her absence when he finds an inside-out camouflage t-shirt hidden in her dresser drawer. Will Charlotte bother to assuage his fears about her fidelity, or make a new life with Bob, working at the Sanrio factory?

The Oscars are this Sunday at 8PM. Check out E! hours before for the bad jokes and kettle-calling-the-pot-black of Joan and Melissa Rivers. E!'s online coverage is actually quite good.

Gothamist on the Oscars this year.