Did Jimmy Fallon get into a real altercation at a local pizza place this weekend or is he simply playing internet games? After the still head shaking realization that The Roots are now a talk show house band, the second-most unique aspect to Jimmy Fallon's reign of Late Night thus far might be his incorporation of Twitter. He's let viewers send in questions to Cameron Diaz, updated on-air simultaneously with the Diggnation guys and gotten over 30,000 of his viewers to follow a random audience member on the social networking site. A series of updates on his Twitter that he was kicked out of Posto Saturday because they mistakenly thought he had bad mouthed them are being used to report the story around the web. Gawker even claims that their tipsters say there was a fistfight involved—difficult to imagine for the incredibly affable Fallon. Late Night is on vacation this week, so no first-hand account is coming tonight. Did something actually go down or are we all sucked into some sort of manufactured Twitter-drama?