Recently People magazine reunited the cast of Saved by the Bell, but there was one Baysider missing: Screech. They noted that he no longer keeps in touch with his old co-stars, and has since moved on to star in Celebrity Fit Club and a leaked porn video. He's no Mark Paul Gosselaar, is what they're saying. So is it really that surprising to see him on a subway? NYMag reports via a tipster that he was spotted on the N train between 14th Street and 42nd Street yesterday morning. "He was sporting jeans, a white T-shirt, and a sport coat. He is still rocking the Jewfro, a bit shorter in length but still curly, of course. He also still has the goatee with the 'stache. Trying to make sure no one caught on to his stardom, he had a big pair of sunglasses, and was reading amNY." Maybe he was heading out to Brooklyn to see his brother Mike D. Just kidding, he was probably just going to visit with his dad Neil Diamond.