DVR Alert: On Thursday night, The Daily Show will be airing a segment from Rob Corddry where he pretends to be a City Hall reporter. Corddry was spoofing the whole Jeff Gannon/Guckert- White-House-press- credentials story during a press conference with City Council Speaker Gifford Miller. Newsday reported that Corddry was wearing "a badly groomed hair piece, a fake mustache and an ugly 1970s tie" and called himself "Dino Ironbody" when asking Miller "How do you feel about the president's awesome plan to privatize Social Security?" Apparently, Miller figured out it was a joke. Also, after the press conference, Corddry said to fellow City Hall beat reporters, "Good conference, man!"

Gothamist wishes we had a City Hall bureau, but we'll settle for our imaginary one. The Daily Show airs at 11PM and repeats at 7PM the day after. Also, CafePress has a "Not Jeff Gannon" Teddy Bear.