Last week, a lowly, unassuming construction notice heralded the imminent return of the Astor Place Cube, aka the Alamo, aka the Greatest Piece of Public Art in New York City. But the week has come and gone, and still no giant spinnable jet black cube adorns the traffic island at Astor and Lafayette Street. So what gives??

AM New York reports that the Parks Department has delayed the cube's return until at least August, citing an inspection by a conservator as the reason for the hold up. Parks spokeswoman Crystal Howard reassured DNAinfo that yes, we'll have to keep on remembering the Alamo until it reappears in August, and that while the cube is controlled by the Department of Transportation, Parks inspectors often help with its upkeep and the surrounding plaza.

The Astor Place cube was removed for construction and cleaning in fall 2014 and without it, hammered NYU kids have had to find other forms of amusement. Maybe we can get this understudy to fill in for the next few weeks?