Michael Moore outside a NYC theater; Photo: AP

Gothamist is relieved that Fahrenheit 9/11 took box office honors this weekend, because, quite frankly, the idea of White Chicks winning the box office derby was illin'. Sure, Fahrenheit may be polemical, more of a personal journey than an objective pros-and-cons examination, but at least it will get people thinking about issues that matter. Of course, the most brilliant thing about the conservative opposition to the film (much of it based on not seeing the film) is that it just makes people more curious - Michael Moore is loving the free publicity and even told reporters outside one of the many NYC movie theaters he visited this weekend that he wanted to send conservatives thank you cards. Gothamist did like how Defamer said White Chicks is where conservatives would be spending their dollar, even though D-er thought a movie about black men unconvincingly in white sociaite drag would be number one; their weekend estimate for F 9/11 wasn't too far off. And check out Ray Pride's column about the media coverage of Fahrenheit 9/11 at Movie City News; he mentions the contentious interview Moore had with "ever-frightening perkiness-monster Katie Couric."

Did you see Fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend? What did you think? Was Michael Moore at your screening? Lux tells us she was handed this flyer when leaving Fahrenheit 9/11; any other goodies handed out?