No toupee hereThe Writers' Guild of America announced the nominations for TV and film work in 2002. Three nominations for The Simpsons in the animated category and three for Sex and the City in the comedy series category. Nice to see Resurrection Boulevard get noticed in the drama area; I don't watch it, but at least it means that people are not only watching HBO. On the film side, the oddest thing is Bowling for Columbine getting a nomination, but crafting a documentary does involve a lot of work. Nia Vardalos and Antwone Fisher got original screenplay nominations for writing, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Antwone Fisher Story respectively, basically films of their lives. I think My Big Fat Greek Wedding is okay, the Writer's Guild is acknowledging her perseverence in getting this made (she had a screenplay, couldn't get it made, so launched a one-woman show to attract interest), but let's face it, it's funny but not THAT great. But if she wins, she needs to give a shout out to her husband, Ian Gomez, who converted to Greek Orthodox, etc. (Ian played Javier on Felicity and was the hair-fronting bald chef on Curb Your Enthusiasm.) I'm sorry that Pedro Almodovar and the team of Alfonso and Carlos Cuaron did not get nominated for Talk to Her and Y Tu Mama Tambien respectively, but I'm happy that Peter Hedges, Chris Weitz, and Paul Weitz got an adapted screenplay nomination for About a Boy, based on the book by Nick Hornby. About a Boy was one of my top ten movies last year.