2007_01_arts_sienna.jpgLooks like Factory Girl will finally see the light of day, it opens in theaters this Friday February 2nd. The film, a look at the life of Edie Sedgwick, has gone through reshoots and threats of lawsuits (the latter coming from Bob Dylan). Director George Hickenlooper stated, "I couldn't care less about Bob Dylan's reaction," and now the film seems ready for release.

Last night was the premiere, and afterparty at the Hotel Chelsea (see pics by Patrick McMullen). The Hotel Chelsea bloggers observed from the ground floor, but didn't see much action (aside from spotting Stanely Bard, Storme Delavarie and the Misshapes). What, no Weezer?

Sienna showed up in black tights and a sweater....and boys, she's single now, officially (well, according to Fox News).

Watch the Factory Girl trailer here.