Edie Sedgwick, "It" girl of the 60s, once said her colorful life could never be accurately portrayed on The Big Screen. However, now it is (though it's accuracy is in question). The actress playing Edie is Sienna Miller, has just finished reshooting some scenes for the movie (called Factory Girl) that is supposed to be out sometime in the next month.

Socialite, party girl, Warhol's muse...Sedgwick also inspired other artists in her short life (she died at 28 of a drug overdose), Bob Dylan being one of them. One of the women on the original inner sleeve of Blonde on Blonde was said to be Sedgwick. There are guesses as to where she is mentioned by Dylan in his songs:

"Nico thought that Dylan might have been referring to Edie in the song, Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, which was included on the album. Some claimed that the phrase "your debutante" referred to Edie on the track, Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again. It was also rumored that Just Like a Woman was about Edie. The non-Warhol film that Edie made after she left the Factory, Ciao Manhattan, had Just Like a Woman as part of its soundtrack."

Dylan may have been mentioned Warhol in one of his songs, according to Warhol:

"I liked Dylan, the way he created a brilliant new style... I even gave him one of my silver Elvis paintings in the days when he was first around. Later on, though, I got paranoid when I heard rumors that he had used the Elvis as a dart board up in the country. When I'd ask, 'Why did he do that?' I'd invariably get hearsay answers like 'I hear he feels you destroyed Edie,' or 'Listen to Like a Rolling Stone - I think you're the 'diplomat on the chrome horse,' man.'"

Living with Legends (The Hotel Chelsea Blog) has more info on the film. Sedgwick, of course, was a former resident there. Her work in Warhol's The Chelsea Girls was cut when she left The Factory, the film is about Factory regulars and their lives at the hotel.

What does it take to be an It Girl/Boy these days? Tricia Romano points to the Misshapes kids (though we've already expressed our view on the comparison between them and the Factory folk).

Watch the trailer for Factory Girl, above, and here's a clip of a documentary on her and Warhol.

UPDATE: Lou Reed slams the film, even though he's making money off of it.