Gothamist publisher Jake Dobkin (on his skateboard) and his BFF Josh Reznick (sporting JAMS) at Public School 321 in Park Slope.

Facebook has been stealing the attention of MySpace for quite some time, and today The NY Times takes a look at just how the 30-somethings are white-knuckling on to the past through the social networking platform. Check out the group Thirty Something and Grew Up in Park Slope, it's like a time machine back to the salad days for some, and for spectators it's a faux-nostalgic look back on a neighborhood they didn't know at the time.

The old locals aren't the only ones having digital reunions--just scan in some old images, "tag" the people in them, and suddenly you too can be starting at that girl who put rocks in your braids in kindergarten, or reminisce about "the great break dancing battle in the playground of Public School 321 between Alfie and Adam." And for our very own Jake Dobkin (pictured with his still BFF Josh Reznick), he can gaze upon his very first skateboard. He notes: "later that day I fell, and I ripped all the skin off of both knees-- it was horrible."