On Sunday night, as everyone begrudgingly adjusted to Daylight Saving Time and braced themselves for the sub-freezing weather this week (it's Fool's Spring in NYC, y'all), we got a little bit of sunshine in the form of two new trailers for Lin-Manuel Miranda's In The Heights.

The movie, directed by Jon Chu (Crazy Rich Asians), is based on Miranda's 2008 Broadway musical about residents in Washington Heights—where he grew up. It focuses on two young men, Benny and Usnavi, and two young women, Vanessa and Nina; their dreams; and the dreams of their families and neighbors.

Filming took place on location, and the trailers show familiar spots, like the 191st subway station, J. Hood Wright Park, and the Highbridge Pool.

A teaser trailer was first released in December 2019, back when the film was going to be released on June 26th, 2020. Now, In the Heights will be in theaters and on HBO Max, and it really seems like the movie we need right now—a story of hope, full of vibrance and human connection and a reminder that there will be days when we can have block parties and splash around in a pool together.

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Chu shared that sentiment on Instagram, "After a year of sacrifice and isolation we all deserve a party!! Our movie has so much joy, celebration and hope I cannot wait for you to all experience it when it drops on June 18th in theaters with friends and family once again or in the comfort of your home on HBOMax!"

Miranda, who played Usnavi on Broadway, has a small role in the movie, as well. He shared that the original Broadway Benny, Christopher Jackson (he played George Washington in the original cast of Hamilton), is also making an appearance: