Until this afternoon, we didn't know we were living in a world were Xtreme Competitive Pogo Stick'ing (unofficial title) was a thing, or perhaps we just knew it by another name. But it turns out extreme pogo is a legitimate sport and this weekend the city plays host to the 10th Annual World Championships of Xpogo, aka Pogopalooza. It's the largest interactive pogo stick event in the world, naturally, with top Xpogo athletes competing in the three main pogo disciplines: Big Air, Best Trick and High Jump.

The spring-loaded action kicks off tomorrow, where Pro Xpogo Athletes from all over the globe hold "pop-up exhibitions at key landmarks around the city," so keep an eye out for pogo action near you. On Saturday the open qualifiers take over Tompkins Square Park from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. plus the 13 Xpogo World Records competition, where athletes try to break records like Most Consecutive Backflips on a Pogo Stick and Highest Jump on a Pogo Stick. The main event comes to Union Square on Sunday between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., where finalists compete for bronze, silver and gold medals in the pogo disciplines.

Throughout the weekend, reps from pogo companies are offering demos and you can ride any stick (heh) in the Free Jump area. The idea of bouncing around the city on a stick sounds fun, to be sure, but after watching these extreme pogo folks in action, we'll just take our chances on a Citi Bike.