2005_04_empharoldandkumar.jpgForget wild postings and other guerilla marketing tactics: The next barrier to break in NYC outdoor advertising will be conquering famous pieces of the NYC skyline. And in a post-H&M-ad-on-the-Flatiron world, Alien Loves Predator looks at some other possibilities for advertising on beloved New York City landmarks. Of course, Gothamist has been wondering if Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson will try to get some sort of advertising on the Empire State Building for his remake of King Kong. Plus, there is the Steichen Flatiron photo remix. [Via reader Jen]

The Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle website. Is there going to be a Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam website? We're not sure (Gothamist didn't have time to go through the movie development boards - we're sure a savvy reader can inform us), but if DVD sales and rentals are good, the answer is probably yes.

Image by Bernie Hou for Alien Loves Predator