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• Federal officials are apparently telling the White House to hold their horses on the plan to give people COVID vaccine booster shots this fall, "saying that regulators need more time to collect and review all the necessary data."

• Check out The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 finalists, especially if you're into goofy-looking otters.

Vox writes that studies on violence interrupters unfortunately have found "that the approach often produces no significant effect on shootings and murders, and some programs were even associated with more violence."

• The half-shredded version of Banksy’s Girl with Balloon is going back on the auction block, and it is apparently worth 4 to 6 times as much as before.

• Jacob Chansley, the so-called "QAnon Shaman," pleaded guilty to a felony for disrupting the Electoral College proceedings during the insurrection at the Capitol.

Slate lists five things NYC could do right now to prepare for the next "biblical rainstorm."

• Feel good story of the day: the Times has a piece about using DNA technology to reunite an orphan elephant and her mom.

• Actor Miles Teller reportedly refused to get the COVID vaccine, and has now tested positive, shutting down production on a The Godfather spinoff series.

• Related to the above: Headline of the week/year.

• The big new music release of the week is of course Drake's massive, 21-track Certified Lover Boy, a potent mix of expensive-sounding samples, bass-busting 808s, and obsessive lyrics about grudges, being a bad boyfriend, and rich people problems. It's too long and kinda samey and very much in Drake's Q-Zone, and the lyrics tend to be unbelievably corny and unbelievably catchy at the same time. It's definitely worth listening to, but even if you don't, you're gonna hear a lot of these songs everywhere for a while, especially “Way 2 Sexy," which got a very fun music video.

• And finally, here's a short video filled with joy to end a tough week: