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  • GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel has accused Hunter Biden of profiting from nepotism. It's pretty rich, considering that her maiden name is Romney, as in Mitt Romney, as in the former Republican presidential candidate, Massachusetts governor, and current Utah senator whose favorite meat is hotdog. Her grandfather was also the governor of Michigan, for what it's worth.
  • Actor Gina Rodriguez, who has come under fire for comments many people have found disparaging and/or dismissive of her black peers (particularly women), said the n-word while singing along to a Fugees song in an Instagram story, and followed it up with an "if-I-offended-anyone" apology. In case you were wondering why she's trending on Twitter!
  • Sleepover at the Sun King's house?
  • Felicity Huffman has reported to prison (an allegedly resort-like, low-security facility in North Carolina, known to locals as "Club Fed"), so, see you in two weeks!
  • Let Pam and Angela tell you all about The Office on their new podcast.
  • Amy Adams, Laura Dern, and HBO are cooking up some hot new content for you to inject straight into your eyeballs.
  • Congratulations to Ronan Farrow and Jon Lovett on their engagement, may they be the first couple ever to get married on the moon!
  • Rudy Giuliani won't be cooperating with House Democrats' impeachment subpoena, thanks.
  • And finally, have a nice time with all your snacks tonight:
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