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• The New Yorker has a must-read longread on Afghan women who wanted the U.S. to leave, and exposes just how incompetent the occupation was.

The Times has the most important figure you'll read today: one in 5,000. That's the chances of the "average vaccinated American contracting COVID."

• Everyone's favorite sex-crazed, queer-friendly, hormonal British teens are back: watch the trailer for season three of Sex Education.

• Mexico’s Supreme Court has voted to decriminalize abortion.

Watch the first footage from The Matrix 4, a.k.a. Matrix Resurrections, if you can figure out how to.

• Australians are teaching ducks to talk (or at least mimic human voices)—listen to one duck say “you bloody fool” on repeat.

• Do you ever get emails meant for other people who happen to have your name (or a similar one)? Here's why email is still flawed when it comes to privacy and security.

• The Nxivm trial isn't quite over: Nancy Salzman, who was cult leader Keith Raniere second-in-command for 20 years, is facing sentencing for her role in the organization, and many former members say she was "not only Mr. Raniere’s business partner and confidant but his abettor and protector."

• After months of rumors, Radiohead finally announced they are reissuing their landmark albums Kid A and Amnesiac along with a third album of outtakes and unreleased tracks.

• Listen to "Certainty," a great new country-inflected single from Big Thief, as well as a new '80s pop jam from Yumi Zoumi, and "BIG PERSONA," a collaboration between Maxo Kream and Tyler, The Creator.

• And finally, this baby is getting too big for their bouncer: