Have you heard of #PizzaRat? This little guy became an overnight sensation when a video showing him abandoning a slice of pizza on the subway steps went #viral. #PizzaRat was shown dragging a slice of pizza down the steps at an #L train stop, but he accepted defeat right as he approached the goal line. Presumably he was scared off by the man who shot the video (who has also become an overnight sensation). Hahaha. It's all happening!

Even The New Yorker wrote about #PizzaRat.

Some lady in Orlando wants to marry #PizzaRat.

The NY Post just ran an "exclusive" stating that #PizzaRat actually went back for a bite after the video stopped rolling. Buzzfeed ran the same exclusive yesterday.

You guys know that this is just a rodent that found a piece of garbage food, right?

Anyway, since people seem to care about #PizzaRat so much, we thought it our public duty to share this EXCLUSIVE of our own. The below footage shows that #PizzaRat actually dragged that slice of pizza back up the subway stairs, where he eventually consumed it, folded, like a champ.