0809littlefield2.jpgThis fall Gowanus gets another venue! Located at 622 Degraw Street, this one is called Littlefield and will be housed in an old, 6200-square-foot warehouse renovated with an eco-friendly touch. They tell us "Green elements include a landscaped interior courtyard, sound walls formed from recycled rubber tires, and a bar constructed of salvaged bowling alley lanes."

Expect live music, film screenings, and art installations from the owners, Julie Kim and Scott Koshnoodi, as well as talent buyers (who include FrictionNYC's Justin Carl and Nghia Nguyen). A moveable partition is designed to separate the main performance space from the bar/courtyard, to give each area an intimate feel. "When the partition is fully closed, the performance space can accommodate up to 200 people while the bar/courtyard can hold up to 100. For larger performances, the partition can be moved to one side and the warehouse can accommodate up to 300 people."

These are the first images to come out (enlarged floor plan here), and the group has also made some cryptic Blair Witch/Cloverfield-esque videos (watch one here).