Recently Jack Nicholson was spotted on the French Riviera simultaneously smoking and swimming, as well as shakin' his 72-year-old thang with a significantly younger woman. Typical Jack. It turns out that his lady friend hails from the Bronx, and is the daughter of a former NYPD officer. The NY Post reports that burlesque dancer Dakota Ferreiro's mom spotted her in photos last week with the famous face; she told them, "I opened the paper and read about Jack Nicholson, and I saw the photo and I said, 'Wow, she looks so familiar. That's my daughter!' Jack Nicholson is an icon, and I'm not jealous or envious, but I wish Jack could meet Mama!" Currently Ferreiro teaches Burlesque on the West Coast, as well as appears on Showtime's Live Nude Comedy. Here's a taste of what grandpa Jack got.