Whitney Houston's

family has requested that her funeral, which is is taking place in Newark today, be a private ceremony for family and friends only. Although some fans have gathered around the neighborhood where the New Hope Baptist Church is located to pay tribute, most people are respecting those wishes—and that even includes gang members, who have called for a day of nonviolence to honor Houston.

According to The Star-Ledger, former high-ranking gang member Hykine Johnson—aka HEK—published a Facebook post earlier this week calling for the citywide day of peace today. In his message, the former member of the Sex, Money, Murder set of the Bloods wrote: "If anyone out there is gang banging lets show Whitney Houston respect by commiting no crimes on saturday...No shootings No robbing No car jacking basically no crazy (stuff) let us show some respect she helped alot of people in Nj lets show lov."

Johnson is now a published author and filmmaker who runs 1 Lyfe Publishing. At least two known Newark gang members confirmed to The Star-Ledger yesterday that they would heed Johnson’s call for peace. The Post claimed others connected to the Bloods, Mob PIRU and 135PIRUML gangs told them "they’d try to keep things quiet today."