Forgotten-NY just put up a three-page magnum opus about Sheepshead Bay, a beautiful neighborhood on the eastern end of Coney Island in Brooklyn. For starters, don't confuse Sheepshead Bay with Bay Ridge, a neighborhood a few miles to the northwest. In the early part of the 20th Century, Sheepshead Bay was a summer destination for people living in the city-- they'd come out and visit the big hotels, and take in the sea breeze for the weekend. Today, the nieghborhood is known for Lundy's, the classic Brooklyn restaurant, the thriving seafood and fishing businesses run out of the harbor, and the Russian and Jewish communities that colonized the area after the Second World War. [Related: some nice winter pix of the neighborhood.]

Fun fact: "Sheepshead Bay is named for the sheepshead, an edible fish once found in the bay's waters."