Clyde Haberman's Times column earlier this week looked at a few reality show ideas for NY, what with The Restaurant and tonight's premiere of The Apprentice. Some are very apt:

"The Drug Store" would send contestants into Duane Reade outlets in a search for a clerk who is both pleasant and knowledgeable.
"Death Wish": New Yorkers step off the curb with the light but without looking in both directions. Their goal is to cross the street without being hit by a bicycle messenger or a deliveryman riding the wrong way.
"The Local": This is a train that closes its doors as an express train pulls in across the platform. The local then reopens its doors for a split second. To win, contestants on that train must scamper to board the express before it closes its doors. Anyone who rides the subways understands the challenge.

So Gothamist got thinking and came up with a few games you can play with others or on your own:
The Slow News Day: Bloggers happen upon an story that gets picked up by not only other bloggers (hello, Trackback!) but by the real media as well. Example, Tien's traffic light.
The Plus One: Your friend has a plus one to that new club/movie/event. You and the other friends fight it out to go.
The Swag: At an event that have goodie bags, you manage to take one as well as dump the contents of another bag into yours, all while trying not to attract the attention of the publicists.
The Location: You can figure out what movie/TV show is shooting before reading the signs or asking a P.A.
The Blind Item: You read the various blind items in the gossip rags and try to figure out who they are about. You win when you actually see one of the subjects engaging in gossiped activity.

Your thoughts?