HBOVoyeur launched last week on a previously barren wall in the Lower East Side. The projection on the wall shows a film that tears down the facade of an apartment building and lets any passerby take a peak inside (HBO definitely picked the right city for this, as similar real-life scenes can seen from the street 24/7 here). The idea is a cool one, but can get old fast while watching it - which is why they keep the vignettes short. The pamphlet we picked up describes it as:

"a multimedia experience that gives you a peek into what happens behind the countless windows we pass everyday. It begins with a silent film projected on the side of a building, and extends online and to HBO on Demand. The project illustrates the underlying truth that sometimes the most revealing stories are the ones you weren't meant to see."

This is something we all learned while watching the first season of The Real World (but probably forgot sometime around Big Brother, The Bachelor and every other "reality show" that quickly sprouted up). NYMag has a review from the premiere, where apparently "covetable gift bags" were handed out (we hear they contained iPods...but not iPhones).

To watch the project live, head over to Broome and Ludlow Streets.