For a while now Music For America has been providing us with endless amounts of entertainment, events and information.

Tonight is no different, and if you're in NY (and c'mon, who of us aren't?) then The Songwriter's Beat will entertain you in the name of Democracy over at one of Gothamist's favorite establishments, Cornelia Street Cafe. For those not privy, The Songwriters Beat is an all-acoustic show with 4 singer songwriters all given a half hour to perform all-original material.

Want to support Music for America but can't make it to any upcoming shows? Say no more, starting on October 1st you can bid on these signs at eBay. All proceeds will go to MfA and if you don't win, Gothamist suggests you make your own! Have a party, make signs, take photos...do something.

In the meantime, what sign would you bid on? We'd put our hard earned bucks towards Death Cab's, not just because of our long-standing love of the Gibbard...but because it quotes the Thermals, another amazing band you should check out if you haven't already.

2004_09_artsfdamerica.jpgFinally (and don't say we never gave you options) if you just aren't into the music thing (gasp! what are you doing here?) but still want to support a cause of some such sort, well, there's also a book you can buy that McSweeney's is offering. It's called The Future Dictionary of America and basically has done what MfA has done with artists...but in book form. About 200 authors and artists came together to make this book happen, and all to promote progressive causes in this years election. It's what a dictionary would look like in a few decades from now, when a word like "evil-doer" will not be in our vocabulary, times are better and Bush has gone far far away. While the book includes authors like Eggers, Franzen, Paul Auster and Stephen King...it also comes with a cd put together by Barsuk Records, featuring David Byrne, R.E.M., Death Cab for Cutie, Sleater-Kinney, Flaming Lips, Tom Waits, Bright Eyes, They Might Be Giants, Elliott Smith, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more. What more could you ask for!?

And finally finally...if you don't like music or reading...we're going to go ahead and assume you must be the president himself, in which case we ask you this: how does it feel to know that all of the greatest musicians and authors of our time really, really, really don't like you?