Yesterday, we reported the disheartening news that everyone's favorite cheap date, Netflix, would be implementing separate plans for streaming and physical disc borrowing and nearly doubling their prices. And boy howdy, the world is pissed! Some gems from the Netflix Facebook page:

"Having the streaming only plan would not be so bad if ALL the movies were available but they are not! So your forced to get the DVD... This was my only luxury I COULD afford being on unemployment... no cable, just reg TV and wireless where I could find it. So I would watch movies at McDonald's or something or at the library. I can't afford $16 a month not on unemployment... Thank You netflix for taking the one little piece of entertainment I had!"

"Bye Bye Netflix....hello Redbox. NOTE to Netflix: Stop raping your customers, and they might forgive you and return... if you're lucky."

"SURPRISE!!! These cocksuckers have stopped answering the phone!!! I have canceled my shit!!! A 59% increase in this economy??? FUCK YOU!!"

Steve Swasey, vice president of corporate communications for Netflix, told MSNBC today that "30,000 or so is a sub set of 23 million subscribers. They're not speaking for the majority," adding that "We anticipated some folks were not going be happy with the change. It didn’t surprise us." He called the price hike "appropriate..."$6 more is a remarkable value, a latte or two every month. For most folks it’s absorbable." Since the announcement, there have been countless cancellation threats from customers.