Tomorrow night, Everyday People premieres on HBO, and Gothamist doesn't think there could be a timelier film, about a day in the lives of people who work at or frequent a Brooklyn diner, whose owner is contemplating selling it to a developer. It's a film about race, class, and making it in the world. We've been hearing great things about it, from the honest depictions of human relationships and situations to being a great ensemle piece, and it's something we're going to try to watch/TiVo this weekend. The Post's Adam Buckman loved the film; he also noted that the fictional movie diner, Raskin's, was filmed at Ratner's on Delancey. The Times' Virginia Heffernan is positive as well, though she thinks it veers into nostalgia at some times. The Daily News' David Bianculli feels the film is a series of actor's exercises, though some excellent ones help "redeem" the film.

Everyday People was written and directed by Jim McKay, who also made the fantastic Girls Town about three young female juvenile delinquents.