This post on Danny Gregory's book, Everyday Matters, is way overdue. Gothamist read it last fall, but, in a strange twist, other things got in the way. We say strange because if there's anything to be taken from the inspiring memoir/essay about life in New York, it's that life is to be savored. The book opens with this statement: "Two years before I started drawing, my wife was run over by a subway train. Sounds really terrible, I know. But, well, this book is about how art and New York City saved my life."

Everyday Matters drops the reader into Gregory and his family's life as they recover from the accident and reassemble their life together through the intimacy of Gregory's drawings and handwritten journal-style entries. It's tragic, moving, beautiful, passionate, and encouraging; in short, a story about life in New York.

The Morning News has a very nice interview with Danny Gregory from last fall. You can see some of Gregory's other work here or check out his blog.

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And, today, Danny Gregory is also playing a cooler version of courtroom sketch artist with his Martha Stewart trial drawings at The Morning News. [via Gawker]