Justin Bieber's had a tough couple of months—he's been booed at the Billboard Music Awards, had his tour bus raided by Swedes, gotten in trouble for driving too fast and been subject to the cruel, heart-mangling agony a man can only experience when separated from his pet monkey. So it's only natural that Bieber strove to blow off a little steam on a recent visit to New York, right? Even though he's only NINETEEN YEARS OLD, despite what the many wise-beyond-his-years pearls of wisdom he dispenses might suggest.

But, yes, the Bieber himself has been in town this week, and the Journalistic Forces That Be spent Wednesday night following him from Manhattan club to Manhattan club. Bieber reportedly hung with the bridge-and-tunnel crowd at Marquee, which still exists, and partied at 1Oak and Avenue, site of the Great Lindsay Lohan Psychic Face Punch of 2012. He even kicked it with Carmelo Anthony, who's got his own woes to fist-pump away. If you're wondering, Carmelo is 29, but don't worry, it's not weird. Beliebers know no (age) limits!

A very sleepy-looking Bieber headed out of the city early yesterday morning, but naturally, now that images of an underage partying Bieber have been plastered all over the webverse, the tabloids are all a-twitter trying to figure out if these clubs bent the rules for the Biebs. Because, yes, they probably did, and they've probably let baby celebs in before. These people are stars, goddammit, and if they want to throw-down with the grown-ups, who's gonna stop them? We'll be concerned once the Biebs starts Tweeting photos of himself posing in his bathroom clad an American Apparel bustier; until then, let the Biebs live in peace, because that's really all he wants. Live life full, you guys. Live life full.