2006_04_8_nytpagesix.jpg "I love this dirty town." Oh, Page Six. Gothamist can't imagine why, but it seems like some people really just plain don't like Rupe Murdoch's gossip hounds. We mean, Nobody was surprised yesterday when the Daily News broke the Page Six payola scandal all over its front page. But crazy, either it was an incredibly slow news day yesterday, or the Times gave a very generous gift to Six Editor Richard Johnson on his wedding day today, devoting more than a fifth of its front page to the story, including a super classy photo of Johnson with Sharon Stone (Who doesn't like free publicity, right?). Not to mention the Gray Lady's brief history of the the gossip sheet and its lingo ("the labels it pins on the people it covers can be zingers, as the actor Alec Baldwin and the actress Cheryl Tiegs learned when Page Six dubbed him a 'bloviator' and her a 'superannuated supermodel.'") and a look at Ron Burkle the California billionaire who opened this Pandora's box.

And of course the Daily News has more coverage including Burkle's letter to Murdoch in which he asks the Aussie News Corp. Chairman to get control his gossips ("I hate to bother you with this; but at the end of the day, it is your newspaper.") and the usual followup one might expect on a Saturday. But don't worry, rumor has it that the News is saving the some really juicy stuff for the Sunday edition. Yum.

In the meantime Nikki Finke points out that maybe Harvey Weinstein might be the first to suffer collateral damage in this? As they say, developing.