If you’re serious about growing your career in a city as competitive as New York, you need to use every tool at your disposal to get ahead. That’s why, if you haven’t heard about the networking app Shapr, it’s time to get familiar.

Shapr is a networking platform that brings you a personalized daily dose of inspiring people to meet. The app’s algorithm matches up professionals based on interests, skills and shared professional goals. You could be launching your own business, finding freelance work, or just building a network in a new city.

We polled a few New Yorkers to find out how they are using Shapr.

“Shapr has honestly been much more than I thought it could be. I’ve always believed in the power of networking and in today’s digital world, networking cannot always be done in person.” Said Rob, a music producer from Manhattan, “Shapr has allowed me to meet more than a handful of potential business collaborators, possible hires and friends. As I write this, I’m in discussions with several connections from Shapr for some freelance work and beyond. It’s been a wonderful experience so far!”

“I am a playwriter and through Shapr I have partnered with three people for one of my productions,” added Samantha from Queens. “Shapr can help you find people across all industries and open doors that you may have never even thought about. I have met talented individuals who are interested in the same field as I am in.”

Shapr is a potentially game-changing app for anyone that uses it, and it’s free to start using. Download Shapr and start swiping today!

This post is brought to you by our sponsor, Shapr.