While Austin was real into Lorde this year, Spotify says New Yorkers were mostly listening to Fun., who were the "most followed artist" in the city in 2013. (They also offer this fact: New Yorkers "listen to Jay Z 88% more than the rest of the world.") While the streaming service probably isn't great for his band's bottom line, I reached out to Andrew Dost of Fun. to find out what he's been listening to this year, old and new...

Jacuzzi Boys (self-titled album)

Vampire Weekend (Album: Modern Vampires of the City)

Pavement (basically everything)

Miles Davis (lots of him)

They Might Be Giants (Album: Nanobots)

Miniature Tigers (Album: Mia Pharaoh... which Dost also namechecked last year)


After I admitted, "I have listened to Red so many times this year, god... it makes me want to own a guitar and a journal and be 22," Dost added (fittingly in ALL CAPS): "I HAVE BEEN FEELIN 22 FOR THE LAST DECADE I JUST DIDNT KNOW HOW TO SAY IT." And of course, it all comes together with this Instagram of Dost's bandmate Jack Antonoff working on a song with Taylor Swift... inside of Lena Dunham's apartment.

So, what did you guys listen to this year? YOU KNOW YOU LISTENED TO T. SWIFT, admit it in the comments section, it's a safe place...