Joe Schumacher headed to the Shake Shack for a little Shacktoberfest, ordered up some tasty sausage and beer, and then noticed a the Shake Shack's smallest customer: A little field mouse. Now, a customer of this size should be expected, given the Shake Shack's Madison Square Park location, and Gothamist can only assume that this mouse is a discerning conoisseur of not only food but also architecture, as he has a nice view of the Flatiron near by. It's unknown if the Shake Shack will start accomodating it's smallest customer with a mouse-sized burgers or concretes. We'll assume that the its favorite item on the menu is a nice order of cheese fries.

And today's custard of the day is Peanut Butter Ripple; the shack is open until 8PM. And starting next Monday, Shake Shack will be open for breakfast! A Shack Burger for breakfast? Gothamist can only dream.