Yes, even the extra terrestrials can't try to make something of themselves in the East Village without being told to GTFO. Cooper Union is closing in on completion of the new building for its School of Engineering, located on Third Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets and designed by Thom Mayne of Morphosis. But one tagger had other ideas for the future plans of the spot Curbed recently called CU's "new mindfuck of a building."

The blog Flaming Pablum first spotted the graffiti on the building they say "shows zero regard for the architectural integrity and character of the neighborhood in which it's been dropped onto and will further render Astor Place virtually indistinguishable from a food court at Epcot Center's Futureworld Pavilion." Maybe the aliens will take heed and leave town with their unidentified tails between their legs, particularly now that they can no longer fuel up at nearby Bamn!

Does Cooper Union's newest building look like a spaceship? Could it fit in with these other worldly structures from around the globe? How long until another tagger gets clever and just drops a Space Invader tile on the new building?