2006_05_arts_protesteugene.jpgEugene Mirman has a new cd and dvd coming out on Tuesday, and to celebrate he's...protesting himself!

You can buy the cd/dvd, called En Garde, Society! here. It features live standup, in-studio recordings, seven films and Michael Showalter's parody/tribute to Eugene. According to him, "If you pre-order my new album you may be one of the 20 customers I call to thank/sweet-talk/bother."

In the meantime, help him protest himself tonight. Along with The Onion, Mirman has coordinated the event in which he will gather in solidarity with YOU, yes you. Protest signs will be provided, though you can also make your own (here are some examples). There will be yelling and marching and likely some laughing...eventually you'll end up at Beauty Bar for the screening of the DVD, where you can also unwind from the protest with some drinks and music (spun by a special guest deejay. Showalter?).

Tonight // 7pm // Southern end of Union Square // Free