2003_6_randycohen.jpgRandy "Ethicist" Cohen was faced with a blog-related question yesterday on NPR (listen to the June 22 segment): Guest host Joe Palca and Cohen discuss the dilemma of a man who has stumbled across his friend's very personal Web log. Is a blog considered as private as a diary is? If so, should he refrain from reading it any further?

What the blurb fails to mention is that the man, "Sean from the Midwest," feels uncomfortable because it seems his friend, the blogger, has a crush on him - feelings that would be unrequited. Cohen of course says that the Internet is fair game and that Sean should not feel bad for reading his friend's blog, plus postulates that the blog was a low-risk way for the girl to get her feelings out there, in hopes Sean would read it, and act on it if interested and be tactful if not. That's exactly what blogs were made for: Developing, fostering, documenting and destroying crushes.

A Media Bistro interview with Randy Cohen, whose daughter has a blog. (We haven't found it...yet. She goes to Stuy. We're thinking it's along the lines of "God, my dad was ethicizing way too much yesterday...") Cohen has also worked with McSweeney's, using them as a think tank of sorts.