Photo on right, of the current state of 59 Orient Ave, via Flavorwire

The house at 59 Orient Avenue in Brooklyn has seen brighter days. After being featured in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, as Kate Winslet's apartment, the 1899 era home quickly turned into a Club Med for meth addicts and squatters alike—which predictably didn't please the neighbors. But the house just went back on the market, and now that Michel Gondry is living on the block, is there hope? Will the director be unable to bare the sight of his Clementine's home getting turned over to the riff raff again? Probably. But just incase, Flavorwire has pleaded with him to purchase it. Here are some interior shots from the last time it was up for grabs—Gondry's imagination may be the only thing that can save this place.