The peacock that escaped from his enclosure at the Central Park Zoo yesterday has come back home on his own volition.

The peacock, who spent the majority of his time as a free bird perched on the ledge of an apartment building at 838 Fifth Avenue across from the park, dozed through the night and flew back to his netted enclosure at around 6:45 a.m. today. "We have recovered the peacock as anticipated this morning when it flew home at sunrise back into the Central Park Zoo," said zoo director Jeff Sailer. He added that zookeepers had been "pretty confident" the peacock would come back on its own. It is not immediately clear whether he will be returned to the same aviary he lived in before, which has no roof.

During its brief term as an escapee, the peacock spawned not one but two dueling Twitter accounts, @BirdOnTheTown and @CentralParkPeacock—who joked that he had to come back to the zoo because rent was too damn high on the Upper East Side.