Some of my dad's ticket stubs. Apparently he went to see Fleetwood Mac without me! (Courtesy of the Carlson Famly Private Collection)

I think I've been lucky enough to seen Eric Clapton at Madison Square Garden about three times, and each of those times was with my dad. My dad doesn't care much for NYC, or any city, but for Clapton he would trek in on the train.

When Clapton took the stage there, it would be with a slew of other musicians, whose full names and backgrounds my dad knows by heart—always knowing what they each excelled at and pointing out to me when to listen to their parts. I think he wanted me to know that what I was witnessing was special, because these were all legends, even if I personally didn't know all of their names like the guy standing center stage.

This weekend (Friday May 1st, and Sunday May 3rd) Clapton is returning to MSG, and as always he's bringing some friends—it's his 70th birthday celebration, and somehow tickets are still available. Slowhand will be accompanied by Paul Carrack, Steve Gadd, Nathan East, Chris Stainton, Sharon White, Michelle John. Andy Fairweather Low, and his band the Low Riders, will open both shows.

These are Clapton's 46th and 47th shows at MSG, Rolling Stone points out this is "the most he's ever played at any U.S. venue." My dad thinks you should all go.